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Business Consulting

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Idea Development

Data-Driven Marketing

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  • Digital Services and Practical
  • Practical Strategist and Analyist
  • Analyst Relations and Climate
  • Climate Change

Business Strategies

Following is a 5 Step Digital Marketing Process, that we use on Digital Media.


Step 1 : Research
Step 2 : Create
Step 3 : Promote
Step 4 : Analyze
Step 5 : Optimize 


1- Research : At this stage, we Research about business, target customers, product / service, competition.


2- Create : At this stage, we create your digital marketing goals, digital marketing strategy, digital marketing plan & primary digital identities (website / blog/ app).


3 – Promote : At this stage, we start promoting your primary digital identities through various digital marketing channels like search engines, display networks, ecommerce portals, social media, emails, messaging & affiliate programs.


4 – Analyze : At this stage, we look at the various analytics including the most important analytics i.e Website / Blog / App analytics & compare them with your goals. We also understand where changes must be made in order to bridge the gap between goals & actual’s.


5- Optimize : At this stage, based on analysis & observations, We start making changes (finetuning). The changes could be in your primary digital identities or digital marketing channels. Changes are also referred to content & design of you identities & promotional communication. 

At Digitize, we look at the market in a helicopter view. Being a “Google Certified” Digital Marketers & Digital Consultants, Digitize has walked through a long way working with the top-notch business entities in Sri Lanka as well as Overseas in the shortest time period a company consume.

A digital marketer has a clear picture of how each digital marketing campaign supports their overarching goals. And depending on the goals of their marketing strategy, marketers can support a larger campaign through the free and paid channels at their disposal. Digitize comprises of somewhat unique than the conventional free and paid advertising to support an organization to its marketing process.

A digital marketing company should be the partner who initiates change to a company’s online presence, post analysing the risk and analytics for a period of time given. At Digitize, we are experts at implementing Strategic decisions for a company’s online market to create awareness and to enhance the sales turnover.

Our clients come to think us as part of their team, or an extension or their work family, always ready to share our experience, expertise and enthusiasm for what we do. We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in business, as well as some not-so-big names, but how we work remains the same; and that’s together.
To be the leading Strategic decision maker in the present Digital Market


Search Engine Optimization

Digital Consulatation

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New age of Shopping

Performance Marketing

Social Media / PPC

Web Designing

Web Designing & Development

Digital Strategy

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